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Itsy Bitsy GRAND FINALE Treasure Tin - Medium (50ml)

Itsy Bitsy GRAND FINALE Treasure Tin - Medium (50ml)

  • £749
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Medium Treasure Tin is dropping in price for ONE DAY ONLY, Craft Box Itsy Bitsy Grand Finale.

Contents WILL VARY.

Treasure tins are exactly that - a lovely keepsake tin with window lid, full of small trinkets. The contents vary but will include a mixture of quality brass charms and filigrees, glass cabochons, vials and resin pieces. This is a large 48mm by 30mm tin with seamless lid containing items worth over £25.

All charms are brass, all resin pieces are beautify cast and without residue on the edges and majority of our cabochons are printed on pearlescent paper. 

This tin is perfect for all mixed media artists and jewellery makers as it is a very affordable way to get a large amount of charms and trinkets which can be used to create texture,  to embellish assemblage pieces or to create lovely pieces of jewellery. 

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