Subscription: 12-Month Plan (from November Craft Box)

Subscription: 12-Month Plan (from November Craft Box)

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This plan is to purchase the next twelve boxes starting November. Please note this plan excludes October box.

As part of this plan you will receive: 

  1. Pre-order benefits (an early bird gift with each box)
  2. Your box will arrive 5 days earlier, by 15th not 20th
  3. Reduced price - discount of £2 per box and further £2.60 saving on shipping.

The price of this subscription is calculated on the basis of 12 x £22.95 plus free shipping = £275.40

The standard price of the Craft Box is £24.95

On the 12-Month Plan, Craft Boxes will be delivered by:

  1. 15th November (your first box from this plan)
  2. ...until 15th October 2020


The UK shipping is included in the price of the subscription and will be calculated at £0.00 at the checkout.

Important note:

If the plan is purchased as a gift for someone, please make sure that the shipping address is correct and that you provide the phone number of the person who is paying for the subscription. We may give you a quick call to confirm the purchase and the recipient.