Mixed Media Souffle Sample Set - 8 pots, Summer 2021

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Will ship on 2nd July. 

The Mixed Media Souffle is a brand new, whipped texture paste from Craft Box. 

This brand new collection features irregular sized shards and is currently available in a sample set (15ml pots) for you to decide which one is your favourite! Full size, 50ml pots will be released in July. 

These pots are 15ml each and come in a set of 8 in Sunset Sea, Holographic Silver, Steampunk Silver, Pink and Gold, Gold Leather, Opal Constellation, Peach Opal and Crystal Amethyst. 

Sunset Sea is a glossy paste with orange, red, yellow and blue sparkles in various sizes. This paste is perfect for all your mermaid projects.

Holographic Silver is a glossy paste with holographic silver sparkles in various sizes. 

Steampunk Silver is a glossy paste with tarnished metal sparkles which are different on each side. This paste is perfect for all metal and steampunk projects. 

Pink and Gold is a glossy paste with larger pink and smaller gold sparkles. 

Gold Leather is a glossy paste with larger gold and smaller brown sparkles.

Topaz Constellation is a glossy paste, continuation of our galaxy collection. The sparkles are chameleon, they change colour depending on the angle. The colours of this paste are aubergine to pink. 

Peach Opal is a glossy paste with multi-coloured, thin sparkles which shine in different colours, mainly peach, pink and gold. 

Crystal Amethyst is a glossy paste, continuation of our crystal paste series, this time in beautiful lilac-purple amethyst colour. 

The pastes add beautiful sparkle to your mixed media projects and can be used through a non-intricate stencil. The pastes are filled with shimmery, colour-changing particles which sparkle and glisten in the light.

The pastes dries clear and glossy. 

15ml sample pots.

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