Crystal Mixed Media Souffle - Complete Set

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The Mixed Media Souffle is a brand new, whipped texture paste from Craft Box. 

The paste adds beautiful sparkle to your mixed media projects and can be used through a non-intricate stencil. The paste is filled with shimmery, colour-changing particles which sparkle and glisten in the light.

This Complete Set consists of four pots, 50 ml each, the pastes included are Sapphire, Aquamarine Rose Quartz and Diamond. 

Diamond Crystal Souffle

This souffle looks snow white in the pot but turns into a beautiful crystal on light backgrounds and all colours of rainbow on dark.

Aquamarine Crystal Souffle

This souffle looks light blue in the pot but turns into a beautiful light blue on light backgrounds and fiery orange, red and yellow on dark.

Sapphire Crystal Souffle

This souffle looks blue in the pot but turns into a deep blue translucent paste with blue and peach sparkles on light backgrounds and fiery red, orange and yellow on dark.

Rose Quartz Crystal Souffle

This souffle looks peach in the pot but turns into a light peach translucent paste with peach/pink sparkles on light backgrounds and fiery red, orange and yellow on dark.

The paste dries translucent (Rose Quartz, Aquamarine and Sapphire have a tint) and glossy. 

50ml, aluminum lid. 

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