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Craft Box The Collection for Hochanda - June Box

Craft Box The Collection for Hochanda - June Box

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Craft Box The Collection is a set of favourite embellishments, papers and charms put together by Anna Hersom from Craft Box exclusively for Hochanda. All products within the box are beautifully packaged, placed into the keepsake magnetic box that is then ribbon tied.

Promotional Text:  Our customers said that receiving a Craft Box is like having Christmas happening all over again. So treat yourself to this unique and beautiful set of goodies put together by Anna Hersom, the founder of Craft Box and lovingly packaged and ribbon tied for you here in Cambridgeshire.

Features and Benefits:

15 unique and varied products

Beautifully packaged

Placed in a sturdy, keepsake, magnetic box

Ribbon tied to make it a perfect gift to yourself or someone else.

This box includes:

  1. Washi tape
  2. Tags
  3. Half pearls
  4. Clock glass cabochons
  5. SnipArt background
  6. Glass vials
  7. Aluminum roses
  8. Resin pink roses
  9. Rose trim
  10. Flowers
  11. Papers
  12. Brass frame
  13. Resin frame
  14. Tags and ribbon roses
  15. Fabric

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