Craft Box Mystery Box

Craft Box Mystery Box

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A surprise in a box! This fantastic value mystery box will contain all the hits from year 2019, including

  • One Lumi paint (worth 4.99)
  • At least two paper pads (worth £12-£16)
  • Multiple packs of charms or trinkets (at least three, worth at least £6)
  • One resin piece (worth £4.99 or more)
  • Trinket pot (worth £4.99 to £9.99), it may be a bead trinket pot
  • Two SnipArt designs (worth at least £3.50)
  • PU leather bagpack keychain (worth 4.99)
  • Charm pot (worth at least 4.45)

Please take above as a general outline, specific items may vary. Value based on the RRP.

Limited stock of 100. 

This is not a regular Craft Box and will not arrive in a magnetic box. 

Shipping: Boxes will be posted by/on 6th January.