Clearance Box (you MUST read the, REALLY!)

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This entire description is a disclaimer, by purchasing this box you acknowledge that you read and understood the matters outlined below. No emails will be responded to if they show the lack of understanding of items listed below. 

What is it: a box of random stuff from the office. It's random. Box may or MAY NOT include stamps, stencils, thread, tule, flowers, envelopes, micro beads, SnipArt, paints, resins, pins, charms. Then again none of these may be included. There will be something in the box. 

What products will be inside: See above. Also, products may be unpacked, loose, partial. They may lack in substance. In fact, substance is definitely not included. It's bad for you. Don't do it. 

Why: we are moving. We have to reduce "stuff". Any and all stuff. We are clearing shelf by shelf, random one-offs are going in the boxes. Random stuff is dropped in these random boxes. If you don't like random don't buy it. 

Who is it for: Anyone who

  • Understands this is a box of VERY random stuff
  • Understands this is NOT A CRAFT BOX.
  • All the people who said how much they loved previous Mystery Boxes
  • Anyone else apart from that one person who said the box "lacks substance". For anyone else who requires "substance" please note we are not that kind of a company. 

When will it ship: when it is ready. It may be tomorrow, it may be in 3 weeks. If you don't want to wait, don't buy it. If you email tomorrow asking where your box is I will delete your email, refund your box and send you a glitter bomb. You are welcome. We love you. 

    Disclaimer: This box may contain products that will not be to your taste. This is a lucky dip/clearance box. You've been warned. 

    Last disclaimer: there is no logo on the box. Please do not email complaining that you have been in marketing for 15 years and therefore all my boxes should have logos. 

    Ok, I lied, the absolue LAST disclaimer: return policy still applies. Don't complain, send your box back. Don't upload a video on YouTube and whinge about this cheap box full of stuff. it's a CLEARANCE BOX and it may "lack in substance"!!!


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