BEST DEAL! Wonderland Complete Collection (+bonus flowers)

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Wonderland Complete collection will contain the following:

  1. 12x12 Paper Collection (double sided, 190gsm)
  2. 8x8 Paper Collection (single sided, 190gsm)
  3. 6x6 Paper Collection (single sided, 190gsm)
  4. SnipArt Complete Wonderland Collection (7 designs)
  5. Wonderland Treasure Pot
  6. Wonderland Stencil
  7. +bonus flowers (picture to follow)

About Wonderland Collection:

Our collections are designed exclusively for Craft Box and are a close collaboration between the designer and crafter. 

Wonderland is based on the Alice in Wonderland book and features all the favourite characters, including Alice, Hatter, The White Rabbit, Caterpillar and more. 

The collection is kept in dark green and blue colours. 

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