Craft Box Signature Box SUBSCRIPTION (from January 2018)

  • £23.95

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Craft Box Subscription

Please read, VERY IMPORTANT: This subscription will start from January Craft Box (shipping mid-January). 

By subscribing now, your first box will be the January Craft Box and will be delivered by mid-January.

Very important: please read the information below carefully to avoid confusion:

1. When a subscription is ordered, the first payment is taken straight away. This payment will be for the January Craft Box. 

2. After the first payment (which is taken immediately as per the above point) the next payment will be taken on 15th January  (for February Craft Box). From then on the payment will be taken regularly on the 15th day of the month. 

3. Subscription window is open only a few days every month - this is related to the billing cycle our subscription provider offers.

4. Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time directly by the subscriber. In case of any issues with the cancellation, it can also be processed by Anna at Craft Box, please email for assistance.

5. Subscribers need to have an account on to manage their own subscription, it is recommended that the account is created first and the customer is logged in when ordering a subscription. This will allow an immediate review of the subscription and confirmation of all the correct details being stored. 

6. Your bank statement will say "CRAFT BOX" and the charge will be £26.55 (for the lowest shipping option)

7. Subscription is based on a monthly, recurring payment basis. Payments are managed by Stripe, a secure, level 1 PCI compliant service (same as PayPal or WorldPay). Craft Box does not get any of your payment details at all. Same service (Stripe) is used when Craft Box is paid for by credit or debit card rather than PayPal. 

8. Every month when the payment is taken, Craft Box gets your order and treats it as any other order. You will receive an email confirming that your order has been made. Your order will say "1x Monthly Subscription Auto renew (Ships every 1 Month) for £23.95 each". This means that you will receive this month's box. An email confirming the payment for this month's box will NOT state the name of the box. This is just a reminder that your subscription is working fine and payment has been taken successfully.

9. If you have any questions or concerns please feel very welcome to email Anna at