The glorious Mixed Media Crystal Souffles!

Hi Crafters!

Last year we released a brand new product developed by Anna, called the Mixed Media Souffle. This gorgeous, mixed media musse was incredibly popular, with 5 restocks of Precious Opal selling out in under 24h each. 

We then followed with the sample pots of another new release called Crystal Souffle which is now coming in the full size, 50ml pots. 

So lets have a closer look at the Crystal Souffles!

Crystal Souffle is a whipped texture paste filled with gorgeous, irregular sparkles. When wet, the paste base is opaque, sometimes with a tint of colour. The true magic however, starts when the paste dries as it then turns translucent (see-through) and all the beautiful sparkles start to show.

The pastes look completely different on dark or light surface. Aquamarine, Rose Quartz and Sapphire are fiery orange, red and yellow on dark and on light backgrounds they show blue, peach, gold and green colours. Diamond paste is even more different as is looks like rainbow on both dark and black backgrounds. 

Diamond Crystal Souffle

This souffle looks snow white in the pot but turns into a beautiful crystal on light backgrounds and all colours of rainbow on dark.

Aquamarine Crystal Souffle

This souffle looks light blue in the pot but turns into a beautiful light blue on light backgrounds and fiery orange, red and yellow on dark.

Sapphire Crystal Souffle

This souffle looks blue in the pot but turns into a deep blue translucent paste with blue and peach sparkles on light backgrounds and fiery red, orange and yellow on dark.

Rose Quartz Crystal Souffle

This souffle looks peach in the pot but turns into a light peach translucent paste with peach/pink sparkles on light backgrounds and fiery red, orange and yellow on dark.