Craft Box is changing - here is why

Hey Crafters

In the last few months we made an important decision regarding our boxes. Here is a complete explanation why.

After 5 years of releasing and shipping the Craft Box every single month, we will be switching the box to release quarterly from now on. I understand this is bound to cause many questions regarding the box, your subscription and WHY so I'm here to explain it all in detail.

Why this change?
Craft Box, the monthly box and the creation of it an incredibly complex and costly process. It takes 3 people and 4 weeks between us to make and pack boxes for one month. Over the last few months we have really struggled with product availability and delivery, getting the right magnetic boxes and having enough people in the office to get the boxes done whilst also keeping everyone safe. The moment we finished one box we needed to rush to start another which was difficult. Financially, keeping the Craft Box Monthly going was hard. Our costs have increased greatly and most of our suppliers increased their prices. At the same time, I didn’t feel that another price increase is a feasible option for the Craft Box Signature Box.

Why now?
I was going back and forth about carrying on and perhaps releasing the January Box but then two things happened. Brexit and lockdown. Unfortunately, since the transition period ended, the amount of paperwork required for us to ship anything internationally is making sending something like the Craft Box abroad really hard. Until the shipping systems catch up with the new customs regulations, it will be hard for us to send a high volume of orders internationally. And without our International subscribers (about 25% of all subscriptions) we would not be able to carry on for sure.
Lockdown is also making it hard for us to have the same productivity as before and with Craft Box being the MOST labour intensive product we have ever done, we know, we would be setting ourselves for a failure.

A quarterly box:
Trust me when I say, Craft Box the Box is my baby and the first crafty product I have ever created. Although making a monthly box is no longer feasible, changing to the quarterly box, gives us a chance to spread out the work, account for all shipping delays and to provide you with a bigger and better box. The quarterly box will be bigger and it will be seasonal. Every three months we will be releasing a gorgeous box of products to have you set for all your spring, summer, autumn and winter crafting. Inside of the box there will be 8x8 (and sometimes even 12x12) papers, ephemera resin casts, mixed media products like our new pastes, flowers, charm tins and more. More info on the new box will follow soon as the first box will be releasing on 28th February. We are also planning special, limited edition boxes with the most popular themes over the years, like steampunk and Alice.

What will happen with existing monthly subscriptions:
All existing subscriptions have now been cancelled. There will be a new subscription plan you will be able to subscribe to in February. This will eb for the quarterly box.

What if I want to get the box monthly?
If you would like to carry on with something released monthly, I have opened additional slots at Creative Craft Academy which will carry on sending monthly mixed media kits with online classes. You can find out more about the CCA subscription here:

I hope this answers all your questions. Please accept my huge thanks for supporting us over all these years. I hope that you will try out the quarterly box :)

Thank you for reading
Anna from Craft Box