Brand New Galaxy Pastes!

Hi Crafters! 

After a few months of struggling with securing enough pots for our mixed media products, we finally have a long awaited, second release this year. 

Introducing: Galaxy Mixed Media Souffles! 

The souffles are whipped consistency pastes, mixed with gorgeous sparkles that change colour. These are real colour-shifters that will look differently depending on the angle! The Purple Constellation is shifting from purple to dark green and blue. The Emerald Constellation shifts from olive green to fire orange and purple. 

The pastes are now available in 25ml, 50ml and 75ml! The pastes look milky when in the pot but dry clear and glossy! Make sure to give your pastes time to air-dry as they may remain slightly milky when heat-dried. 

New epoxy resin sparkles!

This month we are also releasing a special set of glitters designed for epoxy resin casting. The glitters are light so they don't sink to the bottom of the mould (please note this does depends on the viscosity of the epoxy resin)